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I would like to take any and every opportunity to thank and praise The Real Geniuses for a phenomenal performance at our wedding! One reason I had decided on a band over a DJ was because I didn’t think we had a “dancing crowd” and I figured a live show would give people something fun to watch from their chairs. Well, the Geniuses were fun to watch — but nobody stayed seated for long! All our guests, from eight year old boys to conservative old ladies, were on the dance floor shaking what their mamas gave them! Seriously, they were not just dancing they were getting down!! I can’t even count how many compliments the band got, both for their musical chops and for being sweet, friendly, and accommodating. Jason was very easy to work with and never said “no” — even learning The Jackson Five’s “I’ll Be There” for my father-daughter dance only one month before the wedding. (They rocked that song, by the way — highly suggest they add it to their permanent repertoire!) On the big day, Jason seamlessly emceed introductions, toasts, etc. and even had some funny, friendly banter with some of our more outgoing guests! The music was incredible and they are such spirited performers! All of our old favorites and special requests! I literally could not stop dancing — my husband and I skipped several previously planned photo ops to stay on the dance floor. Some of my husbands groomsmen, who had NEVER been spotted dancing before, even at their own weddings, were jamming to “Summer of ‘69″ and “White Wedding.” One of my most heartwarming memories of the wedding was the family of a close friend who had very recently passed away laughing and twirling each other across the dance floor. What a powerful testimony to the joy that The Real Geniuses bring with their music. Of course the biggest testimony was the fact that all of our guests CLAPPED and CHANTED “One more song!” until the band very graciously played a rousing encore. It felt like the end of a sold out concert rather than a wedding! Doesn’t get any better than that.

If there is anything I can do in terms of providing referrals on behalf of The Real Geniuses I will gladly do so. There are many reasons why our wedding was special, and The Real Geniuses are near the top of the list! All my best to them!!