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Meg A. Standing

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the band was but I do know that the dance floor was filled the entire night and that our guests chanted “one more song” when they were finished. They were so energetic and fun and their vocals were even better than on the videos or CD! Jason was so great to work with and not only learned our first song, but helped me to work out a set list and also looked over the special songs I had planned for their breaks. People would laugh at us when we told them we had booked an 80s band for the wedding so we were shocked when most all of the guests would sing along with the band for all the songs. We had a very formal wedding but they really loosened up the place once dinner was over and the wedding reception wouldn’t have been nearly as fantastic without them!

Everyone from our youngest cousins (age 2) to our oldest relatives (at 90) were out dancing to the music and my mom said she hadn’t danced that much since high school. The kids even skipped their movie to hang out and dance with the grownups! The evening was a complete blast thanks to them! They would get our highest recommendation to anyone looking for an energetic band with great music!